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An inside look at addiction and recovery

This blog began as a discussion of addiction as it manifests itself in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States. Addiction is a process that puts a name to the changes in the brain that make people think they must have something in order to live in spite of catastrophic consequences that end when the thing needed for life ends up being the thing that ends life. Addiction, no matter the object of the obsession, causes certain personality traits such as 1. denial, 2. self-centered entitlement, 3. Risk taking, 4. Shifting standards so that once unacceptable behavior is embraced, 5. Inability to empathize and 6.unwillingness and inability to change mentality due to the mistaken belief in the perfection of one’s mindset regardless of all evidence to the contrary. These thinking errors become habitual just as obtaining and ingesting the object of the addiction becomes a habit which is why people can have “addict behavior” while practicing abstinence. Recovery is giving up the obsession AND the thoughts and behaviors created anor reinforced by addiction. The thoughts and behaviors are summed up in more casual language like this: addicts think only if themselves and elevate their desires to the level of necessity. Addicts are their own gods and they matter to themselves but they do not show caring for others. Addicts believe they are right and quite often think they are superior to others. They believe they should have everything and people should give it to them, or at least not be upset when they steal. The problems they experience are attributed to other people or circumstances and they resist the notion that their problems are of their own making. “I’m right, everyone else is wrong.” Or “all for me and none for anyone else.” Or, “everyone is picking on me, I don’t do anything wrong.” Or “I’m the smartest person out of everyone I know and possibly in the whole world.” Or “I will do anything to get what I want. Finally , “It’s not my fault.” Addicts operate under one or all of these guiding principles with individual variability of course. This mentality is at odds with other people which is why addicts become outsiders rejected by a society that has rules they cannot or will not obey. I understand addict thinking and therefore can predict behavior.

Anyone with questions about addiction, especially as it applies to someone they love can contact me and I, Caroleena, as a person who has been down that road and who has seen many addicts, can provide advice. One goal of this evolving blog is to make it a how-to deal with your beloved addict.


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