Thousands Viewed this YouTubeStreet Sex Sites in Honolulu’s Tent Cities YouTub


This low quality film was posted to YouTube as an afterthought. I had to Disguise the front of the cell phone from the anonymous residents of the diy tents haphazardly lining Honolulu’s Streets just 3 miles from what was once the 6th most lucrative commercial street in the world.  In post-COVID Hawaii, the gold coast of Waikiki is a ghost town but as for the poor…in the Bible, Jesus said the poor will always be with you. It was true 2000 years ago and nothing has changed. You can join the thousands of YouTube fans in taking a look at the other side of the Honolulu tracks. I bet you can’t imagine paying one of the occupants $20 to use his tent to complete a transaction of sex for money, can you. It happens all the time. Even professional men find tent sex exhilarating but they’ll take that knowledge to the grave. You can, however, get the info from me!  The thrill of the down and dirty relieves the monotony of the successful life everyone said they’d like, but they find deadly full with too little anticipatory pleasure. The everyday workday is manageable when a guy knows he will be off on an adventure after work. The idea of giving up the thrill seeking inherent in picking up a woman on the street and finding a tent…no, it’s a void so densely empty it cannot be contemplated. Abstaining from being a “hobbyist” or “monger” would mean having nothing to look forward to, nothing to get excited about. In a way, other people’s homelessness makes life worth living when the have’s seek to acquire what the have-not’s possess–freedom to do whatever without the watchful condemning eyes of peers hoping you screw up do they can watch as the mighty fall. When you ain’t got nothing you got nothing to lose. Bob Dylan was right. And the bible. Bob Dylan and the bible can give you real insight to this video.

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