Is a hooker’s trick sad or sick. Probably neither




Neither! You can click on the link or cut and paste into your browser to obtain Caroleena’s 2018 take on this question. Sad or sick? Possibly. More likely horney and/or lonely. Fairly often the men and providers become friends who spend time together outside of anything transactional. Sometimes they become part of each other’s public lives–others see them together but she’s not introduced by her job title. Believe it or not, in Honolulu it’s very common to make friends by meeting up with someone first encountered online. Of course, murder is practically unheard of here beyond once a year. Same with gun violence. Strangers are not the real threat. If anyone raises his hand against a woman it’ll probably be her significant other. Now that I think about it, here, where domestic violence is normal and not all that hidden, a woman is safer around a man who does not feel he can claim her as his own, thus giving him de facto hitting privileges. Wow. My thoughts took me to new ideas. Forgive me if you feel I have gone astray.

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