Trustworthy Men Cheat With Hookers

What is Morality

Every presidential election the United States, through the media, looks at what is called “character.” How nice is this person to the people he is supposed to love, how honorable is he about his personal commitments? To what degree can the public trust him? Maybe the answer to the character question can be found by trying to figure out the status of his marriage.

Politicians Who Got Caught

Some say his personal relationships do not effect potential job performance but who knows? What we do know is that a man caught cheating on his wife was dead in the water politically and he did not have to wait until election fay to find this out. In the 1980’s a guy named Gary Hart ran for president until the publication of personal pictures. The world saw pictures of him on a pleasure boat (no pun intended) with his much younger mistress, named Donna Rice, sitting in his lap with her arm around his neck. I don’t know about other countries but in America adults almost never sit in another’s lap, and if they do it’s unquestionably because there’s an ongoing, happy, sexual relationship between the two.

Social Media Gives Everyone a Voice To Address the World

At that time the concept of social media did not exist. The regular people had no way to get messages and images to the public. Individuals had to have their information picked up by a media giant (what’s the opposite of social media–official media?) The media giant spread it around the world if they decided the information was “news worthy.” The first news outlet to present the story to the world (called breaking the story) gained fame and fortune and the other networks had the unenviable position of following along. Breaking an important story was life changing for the individual journalists and whoever they worked for because they change the course of history. Ruining lives was so profitable there was always someone out there willing to present the sordid details of betrayal and heartbreak for one person at the hands of the person who was supposed to protect the person from that outcome. Decades later I still remember the name Donna Rice. My you get readers can substitute the name Monica Lewinsky, a name so famous the spell checker on my phone automatically supplies the name if I type Monica L. Would Clinton have been re-elected if this info had come out before the second term. Probably not.

What if He Had a Hooker?

Peoples lives have been destroyed based upon the assumption that if you are “bad” in one area of your life you will be “bad” in all other ways. A man who cheats on his wife shouldn’t be president. And if he cheats with hookers, well, there is simply no question that this person is untrustworthy. Right? There is ample evidence that s “hobbyist” (that’s what the guys call themselves on the usasexguide site). I know providers who became friends with their married tricks. These guys were not leaving their wives but in other ways they were friends to the hookers, and they reliably provided support. These men were trustworthy. They did what they said they were going to do. Here are some real lice examples. They brought diapers for the working girl’s baby. They visited one or more of the girls who were in prison and put money “on their books” or in their prison accounts so the women could buy hygiene items and snacks. I knew one guy who brought a provider fresh flowers because she loved them. Another trick showed up with cat food and checked on the cat when the provider had to work on another island and needed someone to mind the cat and the apartment for three days. On one notable occasion a good friend of two of the providers was dying at Aloha Nursing and Rehab, and in order to see him before the last series of strokes finished him off, they would have to get from downtown Honolulu to Kailua. That meant a 3 hour journey on the bus or a 20 minute drive. One of the girls had a regular who took them both “over the hill” by driving over the mountainous Pali Highway. He waited for them in the parking lot after the quick twenty minute drive. The woman who did not know the guy was grateful they got to see their good friend. “I Do not know if he recognized us, but whoever he thought we were, he was really glad to see us.” He smiled before he died. It was the kindness of a trick that made that happen.

For women on the margins of society, who are looked down upon by everyone who so much as suspects her past–or present– the support that’s usually provided by family or friends is taken care if by men people would assume were not trustworthy. They kept their word. These examples are probably no big deal to ordinary people who experience kindness as a part of life. Providers are women who are used to being treated with disdain all the time. No one has to be nice to them but these guys are nice. Sometimes. It’s not like he can acknowledge her in public or that he would even want to. The author is not an overly hopeful optimist who has unreasonable expectations about how all people are basically good. However, the author wants you to know that people aren’t so easy to understand and judge. What’s character? Who knows.

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