Facebook Apologized to me–fight for your rights!

I Gave Up W/O Knowing It

From time to time Facebook would tell me my post had violated community standards. I brushed it off, figuring I was just misunderstood. But it happened to a bunch of my posts over the weekend. I received a message saying people felt “unsafe”! I was lime , “no way, I am a about accepting your real self and other people. I believe in empowerment and giving voice to the silenced. I have to object.” Seriously, I am not someone who wants anyone to feel unsafe and I never posted anything with that intention. Maybe this can be fixes. I am so tired of being mi sunderstood! I checked the option to disagree with the decision. And this is how things turned out:

See the timeline? I was blocked at 1:07, I objected at 1:08. I received the apology and reversal at 1:13. There could have been real Co sequences beyond my hurt pride. If I got banned I would lose a branch of my audience and my new up coming blog in finding my birth mother would not have as much of a chance to be seen. I really did not expect a reversal but I believe if there is a teensy bit of hope you’ve got to run with a maybe.

I believe if there is a teensy bit of hope, you’ve got to run with that maybe.

Caroleena, April 01, 2021, Honolulu HI

Always run with a maybe. Think about something you want that us really unlikely but not totally impossible and go for it. Those unlikely victories are not guaranteed but the against all odds wins are like no other. I gave up but now I am back, living the life of optimism in even the smallest decisions. You need big dreams but you need small joys to have something to look forward to every day.

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