Intelligent, Ironic: Not Words Usually Associated with Writings About Subculture

I Probably Would Not Read My Blog if I Were You

I would have notions about poor quality writing , heavy handed off color references, or obsession e people ad dictating approval for unpopular activities by using repetition as a strategy I would not be interested in the same tired ideas, like “let people do what they want” or “repent if you want to go to Heaven.” Most importantly I would expect blogs on this subject t to be poorly written in every way, from bad grammar to weak arguments. And I would never expect anything funny, if you like sarcastic humor.

I am Grateful For You

You have given my words more of a chance than I would have. Before the trouble began I was so caught up in bei g better than everyone e else according to any metric that I would not have deigned to read something g by a self confessed pariah. I would have missed out. As you have seen, for the past three years I have taken one if the world’s oldest topics/taboos and given it a new spin through cringing honesty. My earth shattering Conclusion:

Something might seem as simple as right or wrong, but it is a mix. The exception is actually secretly widespread. The truth is more people are engaged in more “rare” activities than imagined and more people struggle with exceptional problems than anyone knew. When you read about the outcasts, you are often reading about yourself or your neighbor. Don’t worry. No one will know you are a reader. And that’s ok.

Thank you for your open-mindedness. I broke shame’s hold on me by doing what I would have judged unfavorably before. I know now that my worth us not what I do or what I am seen doing. Intrinsic value exists within a of us independent of deeds and misdeeds. That does not mean NY face did nit burn with shame when I have had to explain my writing. I mean, I pushed past it. Funny thing, if you are ok with something often your readers will follow suit.

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