Guys, here’s one reason she gets angry for “no” reason

What is her problem?

Have you ever been with your woman and everything seems to be alright. Maybe a little quiet but you’re ok with a break in the constant talking. Then, with absolutely no malice, you greet your dog, or pick up your book, or answer your phone. Obviously she has been watching you. The next thing you know she is furious. Furious! And for what? Is she jealous of the dog? Does that make sense?

What hurts her…

Is she jealous of the dog. Not exactly. She is jealous of the look on your face when you see the dog. It is the look of anticipation that upu used to have on your face when you looked at her. You see, you cannot hide the way you feel or don’t feel. Not in front of the woman who has studied your face in every minute detail. If she gets angry when you take in something or someone new, try to ask yourself if you are as excited about her as you are about other things

Are you as excited about her as you used to be?

Just because you cannot see a reason for her anger does not mean there is no reason for her anger. Maybe your inability to see a reason provides the clue that you are doing something that you cannot see. Nevertheless you are doing something. The look on your face, a look that you do not even know you are wearing, tells her everything she needs to know about how you feel about who or what you are looking at–how you feel about her is written on your face and speaks louder than any words that you say or omit. Guys, did you know that

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