I found this picture in my gallery last week. I did not take the picture. I am intently listening to someone as I gather information in downtown Honolulu to feature in this blog. I ask people their thoughts. People are happy to share their words and a surprising number don’t mind if I take their picture. The thing about the picture you see here is that I d is not take it and yet it looks too deliberate to be an accident. Another argument against the innocent accident is there is a second picture of me that I did not take. If you know the area you would know where I am. Or, you would know where I am not. Check it out:

Picture taken of me by my phone without my knowledge until I found it in the phone’s gallery.
Another picture! You have no way of knowing if I am taking these pics myself, I realize that. However, I want to know if you have had this happen to you: pictures of you that reveal where you are or are not, and no other pictures that would indicate your phone has a propensity to take pictures. I am hardly interesting enough to spy on, in my opinion but maybe from the outside looking in my life looks like it is full of adventure…?

Have you ever thought your phone was being used by someone else to spy on you? If so, what was the motive–especially if you are single?

Caroleena, the curious

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