White People Who Use The “N” Word to be Cool Puzzle Me

I am just me

I am black. I grew up going to school with white people. I do not know how to use black slang. People have teased me about sounding white. I am not talking like I am trying to ingratiate myself with white people. I just use the language the way I have learned it. I have seen people who are skilled at getting along with others. They can smoothly switch dialects, use different types if slang, easily fit in with whoever is around. I am not skilled at fitting in. I have made a fool of myself with attempts to repeat words I picked up from cross over rap songs. I have also looked ridiculous trying to use the local parlance, Hawaiian pidgen. But I have never understood white people like the one I am listening to now. She is using all sorts of profanity, including the conversational form of the racial slur and I guess it is understood that it is not offensive if you are trying to be cool. Yes there are surprisingly intelligent people on the street but not everyone is like that. I do not ever mean to idealize the streets or people in them BC a disproportionate number are in fact low life’s. Or is it low lives? With a v?

Do not do what I do–I know at least one person among the group.

Yes, I do hang out on the street if I get lonely in my apartment. But just like every other group, I am typically only comfortable with one or two in the group. If I am going to be really honest, when people cross the street to avoid homeless people, they are almost always doing the right thing. I just want to make it clear that the issues are situational and not innate. No one was born to this life. Remember this, but do cross the street when you hear a white lady yelling “What’s up my n*****s!”


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