Revitalize Inside! This link sums up the encouragement I want this blog to give: “No One Is Useless In The World”⤵

I wanted to hide my identity, back then

The thing about Harvard is it prizes perfection. It is the reward for making the fewest mistakes the first time around. It is not a place that rewards second chances, recovery, getting back on track. Only those with flawless records get in. I remember seeing the question about criminal history and thinking the application must ask that as a formality. Surely no one in my world ever had problems with the law. Unthinkable÷=÷!€

Second Chances Are More Inspiring

It is great to qualify for an elite placement.  Congrats to those

Those people who never messed up so badly that there is a permanent record of their mistakes are both skilled and lucky. I used to look down on people who made mistakes. I thought I was better because I had gotten into Harvard. In truth it is not that inspiring to hear of someone who had it so good that they never messed up and they were rewarded for their Good Fortune. I am not saying that I did not work hard because I did. But I think there was an equal measure of good luck also. And good luck is not inspiring to other people. What is inspiring is people who learned to control first their mindset and next their circumstances.  These people make me feel like it is true that no matter how far down the scale you have gone you will see how your experience benefits others. My low level life has meaning when I write about it because there is so much I had to obtain to make this blog possible. Housing, safety so my phone is not always stolen by other street people, stability to be able to concentrate on using technology, spare time when I am not hustling for my next hit of dope, clarity of mind to string words together in a sentence. Any one of these achievements is hard won when a person has been on the. street. I am encouraged enough to believe I can do more. My success at Harvard can be summed up as my absolute

determination to make the moist of an amazing opportunity. That is not the well if strength I draw from. Follow my lead and look to how I created a second chance in order to do this blog.

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