The Real Reason Rich People Are Unhappy

Poor Little Rich Girl is Real

I have read about troubled rich people who have what everyone wants. A common thought is that inherited wealth creates weakness in the generation that inherits what they did not earn. This weakness compounds, like interest, every generation removed from the wealth producing one. By the time the great great grandchildren come along they are useless trust fund babies. I knew a professional man who worked for a prominent local family business. This long term associate of mine complained bitterly to me about working with the uninformed son: “He knows nothing. If he didn’t have that last name he would have nothing. Asking him a question is so useless I might as well ask you!” I could not deny that I was uninformed on the subject of his work. But I dispute the allegation about my uselessness, fir I know the answer to the question of why rich dynasties have troubled members.

He is so useless asking him a question is like asking you!

Caroleena’s Long Term Associate Complaining About the Boss’s Son

The One Time Wealth Hurts You

When I was in college I volunteered at a child advocacy organization that was founded at the end of the 19th century. They named themselves something similar to the ASPCA because people were on board with preventing cruelty to animals through interference long before they were believers in disrupting parental authority no matter the cruelty of the parents. Children were yours. You made them. You do with them what you like. If need be, you can make be ones. When it comes to unwillingness to intervene, no one created that obstacle better than the wealthy. Who could or would question Bill Gates, as a random example, about what he dies with his children. Rich children are under the absolute power of their parents who are not accountable to anyone. One troubled great grandparent could create a dynasty of increasingly abusive parents. I have never heard anyone argue with the theory that absolute power corrupts absolutely. It is easy to see how growing up rich could be the very worst thing in the world. Especially when you consider the characteristics sometimes necessary to step in the little guy.

You read it here first-hand original idea.

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