There are two types of men who do not listen

First type of non listening man

The first type of guy who does not listen is the guy who has no idea that he does not listen to anyone, especially women. That does not mean he would be interested in changing his ways if you tried to call his attention to his behavior. In all likelihood he would not even hear you when you tried to tell him about himself. It may sound like I am exaggerating when I say this guy does not hear at all but I really am not. Have you ever stopped talking, just to see what would happen to his reactions? Then you realize that he keeps on talking without missing a beat no matter how much or how little you contribute. Once I fully realize that nothing I say penetrates, I stop trying to talk and simply say, yes, you are right. He is not really asking for input. If I disagree he will ignore me. If I say he is right he will say, “I know!” For me this kind of guy is a poor prospect for a companion. Not that he is looking for companionship from me anyway. I know what he wants but what is most important I know not to waste my time on a lost cause. One of the things I value most in a person is if that person can show me a new way of thinking about something and that new method almost always comes from exchanging ideas. Seldom do I say to the self absorbed guy with no insight, “You made me think!”

The Second Type is Self Aware and Sinister

The second type of non-listening guy is well aware that he does not care what others, especially women, have to say. This guy prides himself on the way he tricks women into thinking he is listening and cares. “I give them five yeses and then a no,” said a long term associate with pride. It might be useful for women to know that not only are they not listening but they take pride and pleasure in ignoring you. I foolishly thought I was exempt from this lack of interest until I noticed this long term associate say, “no,” emphatically, right after he gave me a “yes,” in a doubtful tone. None of the tones he used with me matched what I had been saying. “Are you doing five yeses and a no with me?” I asked, totally indignant and he just kind of shrugged like, what do you expect?

The man I loved once, who is long gone, used to listen to me so closely it was like he was memorizing my words. He could quote me back to me. It was nice to have had that at one time.

A wistful caroleena

He prides himself on how much he does not hear. The more you talk the more he has to ignore, the more you are amusing him. If he is a storyteller his friends might think you are funny too.

Caroleena commenting on the guy who knows quite well how he mistreats you.

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