Reader Comment on Hawaii Racism Post


Here in the states we have:
1. White police officers killing while resistors.
2. Black police officers killing black resisters.
3. Black police officers killing white resisters.
4. White police officers killing black apparent resisters.

The only one that get’s BLM’s attention is #4.

I think many police departments are infested with racially biased white males who are simply white supremacist’s and believe it is their duty and obligation to take severe action against black people because they can’t be trusted. This is a shame and must be addressed.

Author Feedback

I appreciate the comment and I agree. I support posting unpopular but necessary views. The post in question got me permanently banned from the r/Hawaii Reddit community. I do not know why. I pointed out that racism is very much present in Hawaii but it is not fatal like it can be in the continental U.S. Domestic violence against women is more of a problem here, in terms of threatening safety. People hated those words..? Yes, I will post unpopular opinions even If I disagree as long as no one means to be offensive.


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