My Embarrassing Beauty Secrets: What it takes to be beautiful today

Irony of ironies: after all I do to create a comely image most people do not like the images. Can I get a break? Lol!

I have been blessed with fans of my writing who will take pix

People who enjoy my work take pix of me, for me. I like to have pix because it keeps a record of how things are going for you year after year. I k ow I’ve admitted to you before that I’m shallow and vain so you already know I like to look pretty. It takes quite a bit more than smiling for the camera these days. I need full make up that’s applied with a special airbrush device that’s advertised on TV and available for online purchase only. I am much improved by my fake hair and I am happy to have the fake breasts and fake front tooth. I need the cameraman to be 10 feet away while utilizing dim, flattering light, and a special filter over the lens if the camera for the purpose of softening the details of the picture. After the pictures are taken I scan through the digital collection for the best shots. I choose the one out of two hundred shots that shows the best version of me and then I apply an invaluable tool–a free app that does my makeup and evens out my skin tone to get rid of the dark marks acne leaves behind.

In order to appear to be beautiful in pictures I have to look as little like my true self as possible and still have people associate me with the photo.

Caroleena’s beauty secrets for photos

I have the option of applying yet another filter to change the background of the picture. I can remove anything or anyone that makes me l add, like a more attractive person.


I am gorgeous at a distance in soft lighting and an ever do slightly blurred view, while I am cloaked in the finest fakery I can afford.

When it’s all said and done my best features are mine through purchase and not nature. That’s how I get beautiful pictures. And you know what? I’ll take it! Lol!

Photos taken at a distance, in dim light, and the use of an app to alter digital pictures are my beauty secrets!

Caroleena, reflecting on her favorite self portraits.
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