Cornered like a rat-the defensive move of hard core liars

Have you ever caught someone in a lie and believed you were at a turning point?

At last! Weeks, months, even years if the other person telling you that you are crazy will now have to come to an end. They said it was all in your head but you have proof! Incontrovertible evidence. Inescapable logic. You will confront them with the facts that they cannot deny. You will have the satisfaction of being Proven right. Ok, you are not above sinking low. But more importantly, your relationship will take a turn for the better as you take the lead with compassion. You plan to gently produce your evidence and positively radiate non-judgementalism. The two of you will really talk. You cannot wait for their arrival bc after all, what else can they say?

It will not work out the way you hope

Die hard liars do not change. They have no interest in changing themselves even if they thought they had a problem–and they do not ever believe they have a problem. When you confront a liar with an inescapable truth, they will find a different exit. They will not continue to lie. They will leave. To your amazement they will get up and go. If they physically stay in your vicinity they will not allow you to speak by shouting you down or turning up the volume of the TV. They might make a show of ignoring you, but probably not. That approach is not aggressive enough. A liar will never admit the truth and they will never give you your due. They will attack lime a cornered rat.

When a liar remembers being confronted with the truth, the story they tell themselves is how unreasonable you were. Again.

Caroleena, after a day dealing with a lying high status professional.

P.S. when I looked for pictures of cornered rats the first page if search results were all about Trump. Lots of cartoon rats with pours of blond hair online these days. It’s May 04, 2021. I want to situate this post in history

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