Janet Jackson had a baby who was raised as her niece, see link for the one clue that explains all

A Secret Pregnancy

Did you see the story?

I never knew that Janet Jackson had had a baby as a married 18 year old. I did think it was unusual to have a first baby at age 50 but I gave it no more thought. I am not part of the Jackson family’s inner circle. When I looked at the story there was one sentence that jumped out at me as an explanation for any difficulties Janet must have had not to raise her child herself. She eloped when she was 18. She was a legal adult. Yet her father had the marriage annulled. Her father has always had a reputation as a controlling and even cruel, man. The marriage was not his to anull. Annulling a marriage is the legal way of saying it never happened and a person just cannot decide to avoid a divorce and erase the past. You have to have a good reason. One reason that’s accepted is the marriage was never consummated. Obviously if she was pregnant that argument wouldn’t fly. I bet some strings were pulled to erase that marriage. I feel sad for her. When I think about the words to her song Control it is clear she wanted to get out from under her father’s thumb. “I’ve got my own mind. I want to make my own decisions. When it has to do with my life, I want to be the one in control.” I wouldn’t be surprised if that song is a message to her daughter who will one day have questions. I think Janet wanted her to know that giving her up was not her choice.

How many people do not know that their aunt of their much older sister is really their mother? Do you think it is best to keep the family secret? I wish I had been prepared with the wisdom to know some secrets are ugly and you cannot look for truth in the hidden circumstances of your birth with an agenda. You need an open mind that is devoid of expectations. You are exploring a time of searing pain and turmoil for who knows how many people. Maybe the problems that made it impossible for your mom to keep you are still issues. Maybe your departure wad the best thing–that does not feel good. Seeing people prosper after you’ve gone can produce mixed feelings. The identity of the father may uncover horrific tales of rape and incest. If you look for the truth it is good to first ponder possible worst case scenarios and decide if you are asking questions you want answered no matter the history. Ponder deeply and slowly.

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  1. Joe Jackson was a strong black man who never abandoned his children and held down 3 jobs (pre-fame) to support the family. The media always portraying black families has dysfunction and when they see a black man like Joe Jackson or even Serena Williams Father Richard; they want to character assassinate them.


    • i will keep media bias more in mind. i admit i never thought about that in this case bc i was thinking if michael’s long ago interview with oprah and what he said about his dad


      • What Micheal described is what most people say about their Fathers while growing up.
        He was strict, and stern and if he looked at him a certain way it would put fear in him.
        It is necsarry for boys to have a strong Father figure to keep them in line. When they say no they mean no. Even my own Father had is unapprovimg look that made me fear that if I did not do the right thing I would suffer the consequences. The old saying what Mother’s use to say when the children misbehave was “wait until your Father gets home..”
        Joe Jackson has a bunch of boys; and those boys needed the guidance of a firm and strong hand. The result, they were not caught up in scandals that many child stars find themselves in. That the Hollywood and music exes predators that prey on child performers did not mess with Joe’s children..
        Notice that after the Jackson Children went on their own as adults is when the scandals they were involved in happened.


      • In reply to Do you believe in God or Amazon? – Home Page: Hawaii Street Life: sexy, witty, inside view by Harvard grad on Hawaii streets – Home Page: Hawaii Street Life: sexy, witty, inside view by Harvard grad on Hawaii streets.
        I also noticed that the loss of a father figure or father can send men into a tailspin. I think of Mike Tyson when Cues D’amato died. Tiger Woods. Michael Jordan left basketball for minor league baseball after his father’s murder


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