YouTube Video shows Black Woman Kissing Up to Racists

If you look at the portion of the Michelle Obama interview that is, apparently, the cause for ridicule, you do not hear Michelle Obama say any of the things she supposedly thinks. I think Michelle Obama is talking about being hated even though there is wealth and success. Michelle talks about fearing for her daughters who might be seen at a distance and not recognized and therefore at risk for the hatred that fame and fortune protects them from. In fact, Michelle acknowledges that she and her family are not lime other people by saying that if her daughters were recognized they’d be safe but she fears for them if they are driving and people only used the back of their heads. The commentator scoffs at the idea that the Obamas, Lebron James, Meghan Markle say they are oppressed. I did not hear them say this. I do believe their success does not give them a complete pass. Chris Rock said it better in a way only he can pull off:

I am not “Michael Jackson” famous. White people see me from a distance and they are thinking ‘n####r,n####r,n####r.’ Then they get up close and are like, ‘I loved your last movie!’

Chris Rock (paraphrased) doing a bit about white people’s reactions to him when he is too far away to be recognized.

I don’t think these public figures would have drawn the ire of the black woman disparaging them had they been white. The fact that their words incite such antipathy is exactly what Michelle was saying–they don’t get a pass. They too experience racially motivated hatred. Likes these comments.

This black woman is trying to curry favor with racists by coming out against successful black people. She is really Uncle Tomming to use racism as a vehicle for her success.

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