I sheepishly admit to being jealous of a sexy, beautiful, smart woman who is what I am not–successful

Do not skip over a blog you think cannot appeal to you BC you doubt you will find intelligent wit relevant to you. Be surprised by this Harvard gradwho went from elite to the Honolulu addicted street and lived to tell the tale for the edification of all.

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Jealousy is on of America’s taboos

People get jealous. But we are not supposed to be jealous. We are supposed to be bigger than jealousy, to want the best for others, to applaud the success we ourselves never attained. It is also taboo to admit that we have reason to be jealous because we have fallen short in our own estimation or in that of other people who pass on the belief in our inferiority to us. And we certainly do not, not ever, admit to being in the grip of something the Germans have a word for–schadenfreude–taking delight at the misfortune of others, especially the misfortune of our betters.

Hawaii Street Life: I admit to enjoying living off track and doing things I never would have imagined myself knowing about, much less mastering. I enjoyed my life. But the after effects were neither anticipated nor considered…

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