Hawaii tops the United States in Diversity , see link, but that does not help me


It is official Hawaii is one of the most diverse places in the United States. We have many different Asians. Unlike the New York of my childhood, people here know there is a difference between Chinese and Japanese.

During my youth I was the one black kid in the gifted and talented class and it was awkward and uncomfortable. My inability to be anything but awkward and uncomfortable in social situations made my one of a kind status more difficult. Irony of ironies is that in Honolulu I am still one of a kind far too often. There are no black areas here in Hawaii. It is not unusual for people who have never travelled to never meet a black person. All people know about black people are what they have heard and evidently they have not heard good things. In the most diverse county I am still by myself in terms of the census. But if I were Asian or white I would fit right in, on a surface level. My personal life would still suffer from my poor social skills but at least strangers wouldn’t do a discreet double take when I walk in. The only reason you think I am exaggerating is you’ve never been me.

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