Incomplete story about downtown Honolulu Homeless:

Oahu’s Homeless On the Move

One person can ruin things for everyone. That is most true regarding what people know about the homeless. I know a few people who stayed outside on River Street. One person might leave a mess but here is something people do not know. The reason people can stay in front of the same businesses, for years sometimes, is bc they guard the place. There are people who have verbal agreements to take care, and they do. Almost everyone I have seen makes it a point to clean up. They know what will happen if they do not. So do not blame homeless people with addictions for creating the public nuisance problems. By and large it is not them.

Now and then I make it a point to check on a lady who is much kinder than I am. Her life is far more difficult but her attitude is better and she does not at all have my misanthropic tendencies. Just bc you live inside does not mean you are happier or more together than everyone who is homeless. When I find myself getting too bitter, as is my habit, I seek out this more balanced person. I’m especially sensitive to racism and misogyny. What others overlook infuriates me. I know, I know, I’m working on it. This woman who feels comfortable with outcasts like me, she helps.

This is the kind of balance I would like to see in the news. I don’t think the news is fake. It is incomplete. There’s a way to say only the truth to create a false impression. Emphasis and omission are journalistic tools that allow them to feel they are reporting the news and not editorializing. I change my mind. I guess the news is fake but not bc they lie. My goal in this blog is to bring not only humanity to the outcasts but to show the gifts within a population people do not see as fully human.

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