Look at this… 👀. This is genius for the orphan turned addict

Look at this video… 👀 https://pin.it/6u4vGRC

Genius cleaning tip, otherwise known inline as a “hack”

How do I connect being an orphan with an amazing cleaning method for a car’s interior with Elmer’s glue and baking soda!Easy! I never had anyone take an interest in teaching me maintenance life skills. I had a top flight vocabulary but was completely befuddled about how to separate light and dark colored clothes AND wash a white top with red stripes for one example. I have had to do online research for the knowledge and demos that I continually loop. A life of drugs and family life don’t mix. Naturally, the kids…don’t happen for us (more on this über difficult topic later). Addicted, troubled people like me never really had to learn and develop cleaning life skills in our solitary peripatetic wanderings. Responsible to no one, responsible for no one, not even ourselves, we kept possessions to a minimum. Well, our stuff was mostly stolen by similarly situated women repaying us for our thefts. When what we were wearing got too dirty to make turning it inside out an effective freshening up technique, we would steal something new from Ross’ Dress for Less on Hotel Street. You can understand why we were always so far behind our age group in all forms of development, from social to financial, to every day cleaning.

This life hack might have been interesting to you but to me it was vital. Can you imagine being in my situation?¡

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