A Great PERSON Can Inspire PEOPLE, See link about Atlanta’s Jovita Moore

Jovita Moore’s inspired the next generation of young Black journalists https://www.newsbreakapp.com/n/0ch8ERsO?&share_destination_id=MTU5ODM3MDA2LTE2MzU1NTQ4NzI4NzI=&s=a99&pd=0AoeuE7z&hl=en_US

I struggled to come up with an inclusive title for this post

I didn’t want people to dismiss my post as irrelevant if I mentioned a particular race. I am sure the author of the linked article and all those associated with the article meant only the best when they went forward with the words “inspiration” and “black journalists.” Nevertheless, the title shows how far we have to go.

Don’t deny yourself inspiration

Yes, I appreciate that we live in a world where a black woman can become an inspiring journalist and where I can hear about her great life all the way out here in Hawaii. No, I am not determined to find something to complain about. If I did not applaud Ms. Moore I would be denying myself inspiration. I want to tell you: do not be influenced by the subtle message that what black people do, or do not do, has nothing to do with you. Take your inspiration we here you can get it.

Remember Sophia, the character on the hit show The Golden Girls? She inspires me.

The actress who played Sophia, Estelle Getty (really Gettleburg or Gettleman–I forget) was a prominent stage actress in Manhattan and had small parts in important movies like Mas, starring Cher. Estelle did not score the television role that made her famous world wide until she was over 60. What’s more, she had little television experience and had to learn how to deliver lines to fit tv timing instead of stage timing.

As my faithful readers know, I am working to turn my time in Hawaii’s streets into applicable lessons for people today. I was not successful by conventional standards in my youth. I look to people who had success when they were older to remind myself that it’s not too late for me. I also like stories about situations that succeeded against the odds. Do you know why 1980’s hit sitcom, The Golden Girls, was scheduled for 9 p.m. on Saturday night? Bc no one thought it would be noticed, much less popular, so t.v. execs gave the show the worst time slot when the least number of people were thought to watch tv. since no one was going to watch The Golden Girls anyway. Instead, people went out on the town after they watched the show. I find that story about beating the odds inspiring–and I am not an old white woman.

Inspiration is colorblind. Don’t let people tell you in the sneakiest if ways, that some inspiration is not for you. I have linked a story about a great black woman who was a journalist in Atlanta. If you have nothing in common with that, you will find it doesn’t matter.

Inspiration is colorblind.

Caroleena, hoping you will apply this truth when you read her blog.

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