Being in downtown Honolulu feels like an escape from loneliness. See Quora link

Answer to I have no friends, no one messages me to see how I’m doing, I feel like no one likes me, and I have no one to talk to about any of it. What should I do? by Stanley Ifeanyi

Not everyone in the homeless encampments are homeless. People leave their apartments and go downtown to keep from being isolated. When people spend years in addiction they don’t accumulate permanent relationships. Their activities were within a certain area but it’s not like they went to a stable workplace with a steady population of workers. The people on the street come and go and CV one back, or not. People know who a whole lot of people are but it’s common not to have anyone close. No marriage or colleagues or friends. When they finally get help from one of the programs that helps homeless people in Hawaii get housing, they find themselves isolated in a box with a television. One woman told me her life at a well known low income apartment called Island West reminded her of doing time in a cell but instead she was in a studio for $700/,month.

When a long time homeless person gets housing they are unprepared for the lonliness.

The street people they left behind can’t keep phone’s bc they always get stolen. They don’t have anyone to keep in touch with them. It is sad to know that no one will initiate contact with you. It’s best not to think of what happens when you don’t reach out. In Honolulu most people who get housed through a program last for less than a year and loneliness is a factor.

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