People with addictions take heed to link: Your bedtime impacts heart health. Here’s why going to sleep at 10 p.m. may save your life

People with addictions have disrupted sleep for a reason few consider

I like watching shows about people with compulsion issues bc I see how addiction manifests itself differently but the thinking and the actions are very similar. Hoarders. My 600 Pound Life. Intervention. Something bad happens to people, or maybe bad stuff happening is a way of life. A switch gets flipped in the brain and people have to have more and more and more of something despite catastrophic consequences up to and including loss of life. More stuff. More food. More intoxicants. I have noticed that people with compulsions have interrupted sleep.

In downtown Honolulu the people addicted to drugs don’t get enough sleep

People downtown who are addicted to drugs are often in the grip of stimulants that physically q nice idea but not something that happens. A lot of people like staying up because they feel they get more out of life by having the extra hours. When the businesses close around 4:30-5:00 p.m. in the Chinatown section many people get right to sleep bc the cops will make them get up between 4 a.m.-6 a.m. According to the linked article we need to get to sleep no earlier or later than 10-10:59 p.m. Oh well. But there’s another reason addictions lead to lack of sleep.

Secrets are best kept in the dark

When people have something to hide that’s what they physically do–they hide. Overeaters sneak food while the rest of the family sleeps. The street drug dealers and sex workers are out all day, if you k ow where to look for them. But they are easier to find in downtown Honolulu when they are the only ones out and about. People who want to buy what they are selling prefer not to be seen by people (they assume) don’t share their preferences. Best to go into town when families are inside, bedding down early on school nights. “Normies” or normal people who are not consumed by one or more destructive habits, go to bed. Part of a person’s identity as a member of the outcast caste is that they don’t sleep. For some it’s a point of pride.

I’m not surprised to read that lack of sleep can hurt a person’s heart independent of other risk factors.

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