Find writings about Honolulu, addiction, prostitution, relationships, and more, in chronological order

There have been experiments with the name of the blog. HarvardxhookrinHI, ivyleaguestreetwalkr, Harvard Elite to Homeless in Hawaii, Red Light Hawaii, Honolulu Street Life. I had never written before and struggled with the name but not the mission: presenting an intellectually witty view of the people and practices that are taboo and rarely benefit from high quality writing. The author’s Harvard degree and personal experience on the street create a unique perspective that is documented in the language of the elite. Some readers will feel they are not alone, others will learn about a hidden subculture and expand their view of who counts as human,

life lessons from the street will provide solutions for everyday people, and if nothing else, entertainment abounds

The above links will take readers to that year of posts with intimate Stories and pix.

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