In Honolulu Envy is Used to Sabotage People

People are genuinely upset about the success of another

“People don’t like the way you’re holding it down there by yourself,” said a man to a woman who had been off the streets for years and was living stably at one address.

What people don’t like her having an apartment. He was probably talking about himself. But it would not be weird if there had been a conversation with others about how she thinks she is a that now that she has a place. I don’t mean people are jealous bc they are homeless. People who have homes don’t like to see anyone else have one. If a person adds to the home and gets a vehicle, that person is really hated.

Jealousy is nothing new but the response to jealousy is counterintuitive

Wouldn’t it make sense to want others to have homes. If you’re thinking as a logically self centered person you could stay with them. But people don’t want to stay with them. They want to see the person lose their place and they’d love to make it happen. What are some common sabotage tactics? Glad you asked.

No matter how much you ask people to follow guidelines they deliberately “draw heat” or make their activities known to authorities.

  • They show up at all hours, knocking loudly or yelling your name from the street
  • Ey go in and out constantly, often to sell tiny amounts of drugs to people they meet directly in front of your residence.
  • Leave drug paraphernalia around, or worse, they stash things you don’t know about but could unwittingly uncover in an inspection
  • They have loud sometimes physical fights with people they invite over or the host
  • They dare the host to call the police knowing that attention is unwanted. Or they call the police themselves.
  • They threaten to tell management either what you are doing or what it looks like you’re doing now that they are around.
  • Management does not like to see a person do well and they have been known to target people for the same reason homeless people have it in for them.

Are these exceptional examples? On the contrary, they are the norm. In fact, if a person gets a place and thinks of giving back by inviting people over, this person should expect this behavior from people they had actually missed. The betrayal hurts. It makes you doubt your ability to judge people.

I have seen just about everyone who has ever gotten off the streets lose their place. Management will kick them out bc they have too much “traffic.” People do not know they can fight this charge bc most leases do not say how many people can visit. The leaseholders do not know how to object and they are afraid of drawing negative attention. If you understand how small and corrupt Honolulu is, the fear is logical. The landlords probably know the judges who decide tenant disputes and people who work for the state always, ALWAYS, back each other up. There’s no impartiality, no fair play. Whoever is the best connected wins. Period.

Who knows, maybe people on the street work with management to get a targeted person out? Sounds crazy, right? You don’t know the power of envy in Honolulu.

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