A person informed about COVID responded to my Honolulu COVID post–very legitimating

I am very pleased to see my blog recognized by writers with mainstream topics

Usually, the people who read my blog are people who write about subjects that are off the beaten path, or generally not publicly accepted by most of society. I say publicly because expertescort covers topics that are of interest to most people behind closed doors. In a nutshell I talk about how it feels to be on the street in addiction driven downtown Honolulu. How do people get there, what are the effects of addiction (i.e. incarceration) and how does a person make a change. I want to inform people about COVID. Here is some additional information for you from another writer. I am providing you a link to my blog that will benefit you and I am pleased to be a part of the information sources.

a month ago·navigatingthecovidconfusion.wordpress.comUser InfoCOVID Treatment in Hawaii that doesn’t get much attention

There are many antiviral cocktails being given to outpatients or used at home.

Zelenko has one protocol, Tyson has a similar protocol, McCullough has one. Procter another.

They all have had excellent results–their relative benefit is much better than the average outcome in their community.

There’s no reason to panic if you know what to do. I haven’t masked for a year. I spent hours in bars and got covid and recovered within 24 hours of treatment with elderberry concentrate, zinc, vitamin D, and vitamin C. I make sure I get vitamin D sun exposure and I supplement with zinc, vitamin D, and vitamin C.

Again, no reason to panic. Remember the Bene Gesserit lesson from “Dune”: “Fear is the mind killer.”

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