Stories of taboos are often poorly written and dependent upon dirty words to get reader attention–not with this ivy league outcast

I would never choose to read a blog about street people–ordinarily

If I am going to be blunt, they are usually pieces written by so called bleeding hearts who have no idea their condescension shines through as they urge readers to follow in the writer’s footsteps and recognize the humanity of the outcast. Those writers speak about “them” and would never dream of using the words “we” or “us” when referring to the homeless or street sex workers, or the addicted.

The other alternative is the first person narrative written by someone who is very earnest and has a lot to say but they are also semi-literate and they are very, very, very dependent upon repetition, CAPS, and multiple exclamation points. I don’t want that!!!

The third choice is also a poorly written piece posted by someone trying to get through the writing as quickly as possible so the readers can be led to the x-rated links that are fully monetized. These writers like vulgar language and try to post something that would qualify as a rated x piece that slipped by the censors.

In this blog you have a writer who has an ivy league education and wants to use it for a simple reason. When I consider the advice, “write what you know” I have precious little to draw from other than my time on the street or my time interviewing people on the street. I want to parlay my time “out there” to support my life “in here,” and I firmly believe you regular people can learn from the wisdom of the streets. If I do not educate you that’s ok. I may not cause you to change your thinking about people I know I looked down on until I became one of them–and even after that. I don’t mind because I know that you will by intrigued by the intellectually witty look at a subject is seldom treated intelligently, and is almost never a source of sardonic humor.

I am treating you to a popular post from 2019 about how a street sex worker escaped the undercover police officer posing as a trick. Fascinating, the way luck goes. Enjoy!

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