When someone is black, the story is always about race, see linked Walmart article

A woman got 10 million dollars after stepping on a nail in a South Carolina Walmart. The subsequent infection caused her leg to be amputated. I took one look at the picture of the woman and headed straight for the comments. People with the cloak of anonymity are so honest.

The opinions fell into two camps: she was obese, probably diabetic, planted the nail, and unjustly conned corporate America looking to get something for nothing.-anyone who disagreed was stupid. The other side said people don’t like her is a racist, and they believe a white woman would have gotten more money. While making these unfounded allegations, they accuse the other side of making uninformed decisions, unlike the jury who had the evidence. They also believe anyone who disagreed with them is stupid.

One of the best thought exercises I ever experienced was the class that required us to argue both sides of an issue. People are absolutely unwilling to speculate about an opposing view. Ask anyone and you’ll get only refusals. No one cares to develop what I call thought empathy, as if admitting their are valid reasons behind the opposing view eradicates their rightness. I am tired of people being branded racist if they don’t take a black person’s side. I am saddened by the censorship in this so called information age. If people don’t like your view they don’t let you talk. You get denied access to social media. I’ve been banned from a couple of sites for a statement I made about domestic violence in Hawaii. If I am wrong, let me wrong. There’s no need to shout anyone down in the 21st century equipment or book burning. And there’s no reason to brand anyone a hopeless fool for disagreeing.

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