Addiction caused me to miss basic life lessons in adulting, like car ownership skills

I am on the verge of getting my driver’s license. Some people have told me I am pitiful bc I am not doing much with my life. In a way I fear this accusation is true. But on the other hand, I know how far I have come . A driver’s license was something I never thought I could have because of my tearful anxiety when I was on the road. Like anyone with mental health issues, my victories are different. What us easy for the average teen is huge for me. I will let you know when I graduate from the learner’s permit to the license, and I cannot tell you how amazing it will be to write that post!

Hawaii Street Life-a Trusted Insider Tells All

During my young adulthood the only thing I knew about cars was to try to catch the eye of the driver to see if he would stop for me. Cars were what I looked at when I was looking for someone who was looking for me. And oh yes, the four police stings I was involved with in downtown Honolulu began with me getting into a vehicle that was driven by an undercover police officer while other officers watched and followed us. Twice I escaped arrest, twice I did not. I learned much from these experiences and I am sharing those fascinating times from Honolulu at the turn if the 21st century. However, none of those adventures taught me anything about being a grown-up who owns a car (legally!). This is what happened today:

This is my Google Review posted Friday September 18, 2021

I went to Servco Toyota because…

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