“You still look good,” is not meant in a good way

You can always call a woman beautiful

“But I don’t know how to say it!” Complained a guy who I scolded after he told me I looked good for my age. I find myself objecting to the addition “for your age ” about once a month. Can’t a woman just be beautiful? Why do people feel the need to remind themselves that a woman’s not truly good looking after she’s older than whatever age they seem as older?

Women I know are worse than guys

When I see women who knew me when I was younger they look at me without smiling. After they do a full body visual scan they say, in an accusatory tone, “you still look good.” I don’t know if they mean to reveal their displeasure. I don’t mind if they resent me. It’s not like they were friends on the street. We were rivals. My unhealthy mentality tells me they’d either gloat over my decline or resent me for maintaining (well, almost). Or am I speaking for myself? The root of my resentment cones from them never wanting to befriend me after all of my overtures were misunderstood. I admit, I look at these women who I see as rejecting me, and I admit I would rather be smug than jealous. Do they feel the same way. Maybe. If there are men within earshot they usually follow up with something like ,”I love your wig!”

Love your wig!”

A typical follow up comment to the unsmiling observation from women that I have maintained my figure.
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