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When I want to save text I go to messages and type in my own number for recipient.

I text myself in order to save stuff. It’s a handy tool if I want to write a post for my blog, on the fly. Don’t you hate it when you write something only to lose it when your phone abruptly runs out of power? Well, if you out something in a text and don’t have a chance to send it, your text will be saved as a draft. Nothing gets lost. Also, when you type in a link, the site logo appears with the link you typed into your message to yourself. Check it out:

Of course you may choose any one of the five years this site has existed to access posts from that year:

  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021

So you’d take the basic address,, and add the year of your choice like this:

  • /2017/
  • /2018/
  • /2019/
  • /2020/
  • /2021/

You can experiment with topics. Apparently, you can access any subject that the author attached to a post as as tag or a category. I am still experimenting to see if I can attach more than one subject to the link I type, or more than one year. I will let you know what I discover about navigating my own site.

I have thousands of posts that you, my beloved readers, may not know about, but these hacks will change that.

Caroleena, author of

Where do you find categories and tags so you don’t have to guess?

The answer is easier than I knew. At the beginning and end of new additions you’ll see highlighted words. Totally clickable! The admins group writings in different ways so you can find content never imagined by clicking on those words and see where it takes you. I somehow lost access to the thirty days of writing but when I figure out how I messed up I will have the month of writing up front and center!

I love and appreciate you for sharing your life with me. I’m blown away you’d give me some of your minutes. That’s how I view you reading my writing. “Honor” sounds so trite but the thing about trite is: trite is true!

Writing is my privilege, your attention is an honor. I am grateful for both!


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