THIS is how you find topics within your favorite site, like Hawaii Street Life

The Definitive Set of Instructions for finding topics of your choice

I have been trying to find a way to bring my beloved readers reams of content without commercials and without interruptions from topics that interest them less than the ones they specifically seek. I found out how to access the posts from the five years I have been writing. You add this to the end of the site address: /year/.

Instructions to find the annual post index

  • Write the basic site address:
  • Know the 5 years of the site’s existence: 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
  • Choose the year you want to access, let’s make it 2019 for example
  • Type the site address with the addition in the browser or search box:
  • Highlight the address and notice the web option appear
  • Click on the web option, which will be something like the Chrome picture and the word web. You will be taken to the content by year.

Instructions to find the site content by topic

This is exciting to me because I just learned this technique. You do the almost the same procedure as finding the posts indexed by year, but instead of adding one term, you add two: siteaddress/topic/the word you are interested in/. For example: Highlight the term and when you hover over the highlighted term with your cursor you will see the option to search for the topic within the site on the web. You may also use the word category instead of topic: Or you may use the word tag instead of category or topic. As we go through the process of learning how to do in site searches in ways other than using the site search box, we shall see if there is any difference in what posts come up based upon the use of the words category or tag or topic. Let me know how this works!


What do you type in browser or search box if you’re interested in relationships?

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