Waikiki used to have streetwalkers but that’s over


Waikiki Prostitutes

On the “town” side of Oahu there were two main places to pick up hookers on the street, Waikiki and downtown. Waikiki women were rumored to always have black pimps lurking in the background (I have sen this). They targeted wealthy Japanese tourists and charged no less than $200. These women were not locals, they were black or white for the most part and in Hawaii it is rare to have a group comprised of just blacks and whites. They pretended they were from Hawaii to appeal to tourist guys looking to sample local flavor. Instead they came from out of state and the two-four weeks spent in Waikiki was one of the stops on the nationwide hooker “circuit.” They looked great but their service never lived up to the packaging . They were not drug addicts because they had to give their money to their pimps. The cops had run them off high end real estate Kalakaua Avenue and had to stay one block off the ocean on Kukui Street, and only at night. Today you never see these women with the glass heels and the traditional hooker style of dress anymore. There are no more easily recognizable working girls on Kuhio Avenue in Waikiki anymore. I never see women in platform heels with fake fish appearing to swim within the clear footwear, standing a few inches behind a military guys while they take money out of an atm. I don’t know where they all went.

What’s Left of Hidden Secret Street Sex Town Side of Oahu


Reminds me of how Trump’s friend Rudy Giuliani was mayor of New York (which is when I lived in Manhattan as a young adult). Giuliani got all the visible crime off the streets of Manhattan and turned Times Square into a Disney Zone (Mickey Mouse is actually a presence in what used to be transvestite central.) Not that there were trannies in Waikiki, they had a section of downtown Honolulu, a street called Merchant Street where mahus worked. The mahus aren’t on Merchant Street anymore, the out of state high dollar streetwalkers aren’t on Kuhio Street. The only street sex business is still on Kukui Street in Downtown Honolulu, but it is no longer 24 hours, no longer brisk and profitable. The few guys that come around do so by night and they have a choice of a few scraggly homeless and addicted women outnumbered by equally scraggly homeless and addicted men who are dressed like women.

Do I have a point? I don’t know. Just giving you a visual.

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