Site Navigation Hacks for Non-Techies: Using Tags to Find Content

We learned how to navigate to your favorite content by including a tag in the site address within the browser or search engine

Let’s review! Remember what we have to do? Take the basic site address and add: /tag/yourfavoritetopic/. You will go directly to a list of posts under that topic. Let me give you a for instance. If you wanted to access posts tagged with sex then you’d take basic site address, and add /tag/sex/ to give you:

You might have discovered there is a drawback to guessing what tags have been applied by the author

Sure, you want to read about sex in Red Light Hawaii. This author may have written about sex in Red Light Hawaii and posted this writing. But what if the author was new to blogging and did not know how to use tags properly. She might have neglected to add sex as a tag to the relevant posts. When you guessed, quite reasonably, that there would be posts about sex, you were right, but you found out that you cannot guess at the tags the author used. The solution: Don’t guess. Let me tell you how to search for tags the author actually employed.

Here is a screenshot of the most popular tags according to viewership. of Hawaii Street Life You can refer to this list when you want to insert a specific tag into the browser or search engine (search engines within the site or in the browser). Note, instead of using the word “tag” you can use the word “topic.”

You might not be able to access site stats if you are not an administrator, but there is another option for choosing a specific tag

At the beginning or end of each post, depending on the layout of the site, you will find the tags the author used for that post. If you click on one of those tags you will get a list of posts that also used those tags. You will not know in advance if there are any other posts that share that tag until you do the clicking but that knowledge will be available to you in a millisecond after you click on the tag for the one post.

I was wrong when I said the word “tag” is interchangeable with the word “topic” or “subject”

If you use the word tag when you create your link you will get an index of posts. If you use either the words “topic” or “subject” you will get one post, the most recent post. As a matter of fact, if you just tack the topic to the end of the basic web address (the way you can do with one of the years this blog has existed), you will get the same result. One post. I will prove it to you. Highlight the following links and you will see what I mean when you click on the link and go where it takes you. DEMOS:

Learning by trial and error (and error and error)

Did you see the difference between the outcomes of your searches depending on how you structure your link. I am learning with you because I want to show you that there is nothing to it but trial and error (and error and error, lol). I try stuff and see if it works out. If you do not consider yourself tech savvy you will feel right at home with me because I am doing web navigation for Dummies. That phrase is probably copyrighted. Let me rephrase to Web Navigation for non-techies.

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