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For the first time I dared tried something new with a computer and finally added a means for you to donate to my site. If my viewers had contributed $1 just once since this project began in late 2017, I would be able to live a modest life for one, maybe two years. What are the purposes of

  • to humanize the outcast through biographies of people on Hawaii’s streets,
  • give a tantalizing view of taboos in paradise, to entertain and educate
  • offer applicable wisdom from the streets for regular people struggling with challenges that people are reluctant to write about with skill and honesty. These subjects include: sexual ambivalence, addiction, incarceration, and avoiding scams.

I promise this

I will never offer recurring subscriptions unless I am asked. I do NOT like them. I believe they rely on people forgetting about them and people end up feeling tricked. I do not want to do that to my readers. I also promise that if you make a donation of any amount, I will write about any subject you request. This site deals with adult subjects but it does so in an appropriate way. Just keep that standard in mind when you request certain content. I recommend a dollar donation. If you want advice from, say, the Incarceration Advisor branch of this operation, we can work out a reasonable fee for practical guidance for dealing with incarceration of self or loved ones.

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