Red Light Hawaii as told by a trusted insider–posts in chronological order

We began writing in 2017

This site, began when a long time occupant of downtown Honolulu’s addiction driven streets began to feel a constant nagging to write down her stories. The advice “write what you know” is good advice, and Caroleena always imagined she would have tales of achievement and success after her graduation from Harvard magna cum laude. Instead, she found herself only really knowledgeable about surviving as a person with a drug addiction in Honolulu. Caroleena had become the kind of person she would have looked down upon, but even in the past, Caroleena would have wanted to know about the taboo lifestyle that is hidden in plain site. Most writings about adult subjects are poorly written and rely heavily upon the use of vulgarity to attract readers. What if she created a site that told the tales of low level people with high level writing? By doing so, Caroleena would humanize people that are so easy to discount. Moreover, she could provide a way for people with secrets to know that there are others who do things they do not want publicized. People might feel less alone. Not only that, there is wisdom from the street that is applicable to everyday life. In fact, Caroleena could provide families of incarcerated individuals practical advice about how to handle prison, for example, what to write in letters, when to believe an inmate’s stated need for money, the importance of care packages, etc….In the end, if Caroleena failed to shatter stereotypes, to comfort, or advise she was certain she could entertain with tales of street sex workers, theives, gamblers, hustlers, dealers, and the “regular” guys who supported the underground economy. Today there are five years of post: 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021.

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