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I am often afflicted with paralyzing fear. I want to do something, or maybe I don’t really want to do something but I need to do it, but I am so afraid that I cannot make the move. The paralysis might be a complete inability to do a particular action, such as get on the bus and meet the birth family that did not want to adopt me, or call said family and tell them I cannot bring myself to meet them. Occasionally I quite literally cannot move, like the time I got stuck on the top of the kiddie ladder that would have caused me to slide into 6 feet of water. The lifeguard at my day camp had to get in the water before I dared let go of the sides of the slide. It’s a good thing I was small for my age because that is the sort of behavior you might expect from a young child and not a 10-year-old. The most common type of fear I experience is the fear of not being able to figure out the way to take a new step. What if I try to monetize my site and I cannot understand the technical directions? I would feel ashamed of myself, so my strategy was: avoid, avoid, avoid. Wouldn’t you think I’d be more afraid of no one wanting to contribute? I am not afraid of a lack of contributions because I am not afraid of you. I appreciate your attention now.

I have had enough readers that if I asked for each reader to give $1 one time only,, I would have had enough money to write full time without the distraction of seeking income. I could lead a very modest life for one or two years while very specific tailoring this site for you. I am asking for your support now.

One dollar, one time. I do not like when site administrators establish recurring subscriptions. I believe they seek to profit from our fallibility. I don’t my beloved readers losing even a single dollar bc they forgot to cancel a repeat payment. With a single dollar donation you are eligible to receive a private, personalized written work that fulfills your request. Any topic. You decide. Will I post it? Up to you. Please let me know what you think of this proposal!

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