Introducing self-texting for the seriously inspired writer


If you want to get to an archived set of posts from on the subject of Honolulu, which the blog’s author, Caroleena, tagged “Honolulu,” this is what you type in the browser: 

Note the placement of the word “tag,” the slashes, and the word that is the subject AND the tag for the posts that interest you. You can type this link into a text message that you send to anyone, including your own phone number.  When you highlight the link, or hover over the link, you will see the option to look up, or go to that link.  Choose that option and you will be taken to the list of posts that were tagged “Honolulu.”   


When you send texts to yourself it is a very useful way of saving passages for yourself without having to open a word processing app.  If you don’t press send your message will be saved as a draft, but sometimes drafts of texts are automatically erased if they are not sent to a recipient.  Your best bet to save your word processing work with ease is to send a text to yourself and you will simply have two identical messages which will look just like someone you responding to someone’s text.  The text that is sent to you and your response will be identical, which is the indicator that you are sending a message to yourself with words you want to save on the fly.  I write blog posts this way, and I also journal using the self-text method (I coined this phrase).  Self-texting is useful if you do not have internet access because you are out of data or there’s no usable Wi Fi. 

If you have internet access, you might want to open your email and do your writing in an email that you send to yourself.  You can access your work anytime you log into your email account, which makes email a more reliable option for saving word processing.   

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