New Tik Tok Partnership, First Video is Here

Introduction: Caroleena went from Ivy League elite to life on Honolulu’s addiction driven streets and now she brings you her experiences with Red Light Life in Hawaii, intimate interviews with similarly situated pariahs in paradise, and creative videos depicting the challenges of addiction both on the streets and off

This video fulfills this site’s Creative purpose. Just because you get off the streets does not mean people want to respect you. In fact quite the opposite. Caroleena is not admired for having come so far but she is constantly denigrated and put down by people who always want to let her know that she is nobody. Here you will see an actor portray the part of Caroleena and the security guard who is harassing her about parking her legal car in a legal parking space at her legal residence. Caroleena will show how the Constant abuse in society has worn her down when she lashes out at the security guard with a creatively worded prediction of the karma he will face bc of how he disrespects her She has not portrayed in her most favorable light but this site is about honesty and reality and the reality is a person gets angry when there is such helplessness and almost ineffable rage bc there’s nothing a person can do about being treated badly by people who have no right to do so. Disclaimer: Caroleena cannot actually put a curse on anyone. Lol! Don’t let the video give you the wrong idea

Hawaii Street Life-a Trusted Insider Tells All

Intimate tales of Honolulu’s secret world in video/words

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With love and appreciation, Caroleena and Jacob, 12/21/2021

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