Back By Popular Demand, Take Another Look Christmas for Hookers on the Ho Stroll, 2018

It’s 2021 snd this post is still relevant to show what life is like when you need something to live but that very thing is killing you. That’s addiction snd addiction doesn’t take holidays off.

Hawaii Street Life-a Trusted Insider Tells All

The streets were pretty empty of cars and foot traffic Christmas day though the emptiest day of the year was Superbowl Sunday. Nevertheless, hi there’s always business. Over the several years I was out there on Christmas day a single guy would pick me up bc he didn’t want to be alone on the holiday. Truth be told, neither did I. I never would have imagined anyone would look to a hookror true companionship but that tells you how little I knew about human interactions.

I met someone who was really into me, the same year I finished my stretch in prison. My belongings had been stolen by one if the many working girls or addicts that created a stream of traffic to an associate’s apartment. I split my time between five a low…

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