Linked Tweet asks what did you think was normal only to find it’s not. My blog asks the opposite question!

Purpose of

What did you think was abnormal only to find out it is normal, or common, not unusual?

Applicable Lessons From the Street

I went from Harvard to Hawaii’s Streets then Heroin. No this is not really common. However, finding out the achievements you thought would heal your broken heart but didn’t, that’s distressingly common. I thought I would no longer feel like an orphan with a Harvard diploma. Harvard is not nothing. But it’s not everything. I still felt lost and s as lone bc I had no family after the people who adopted me admitted they’d made a mistake in taking me. What was my solution? I was out of ideas to soothe my soul. Then, halfway through my second year of teaching middle school at a Manhattan private school I met people in a bar who were smoking something through a glass tube. I had never seen anything like it. I felt like I was standing at the entrance of a brave new world. I was excited and open to that thing called drugs, that thing I never knew of or even saw. I felt like an insider who had been told a secret only a select few knew. Me! Of all people! I was thrilled. And life was no longer a drab miserable existence full of pity invitations for single people without families who could come and spend Christmas with a happy group because there was a spare chair. My presence made no difference to their holiday. This Christmas scenario no longer mattered. I was doing something so exciting I felt fully alive, for I was now special. Those of us who know about addiction can only regard that clueless young woman with pity. She was about to give her life over to Satan who indeed masquerades as angel of light.

I found out that no one believes they can become addicted or that addiction is little more than a weak will. What else did I discover that Ai once believed was weird only to find people do it all the time?

1. People will engage in sexual practices that they publicly decry.

2. Normal, everyday, professional men will hire adult services providers, off the street. Not weirdos. Not pervs. Regular guys are tricks.

3. The majority of people, especially men, have had homosexual experiences. But they convince themselves these experiences don’t “count” and honestly do not identify as gay. Sexual identity is not necessarily an indication of what people do.

4. Prostitutes snd tricks become more to each other than anonymous strangers who do something together snd never see each other again. Thee are myriad relationships snd levels of friendship. The relationships are common, a woman being hurt by a trick is is rare, in Honolulu anyway.

I never imagined any of these truths. The extent of my misunderstanding astounds me. You might be interested in seeing what stereotypes will be disproved by this blog. That’s why I believe you will benefit from spending time with these words bc your mind will expand along with your heart.

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