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You can find tags st the end if each pist. Many posts share the same tags so clicking on a tag will take you to a list, also known as an index, of posts with the same tag. What if you want to find posts with a certain tag and you are somewhere else on your phone and not looking at the end of a post and the tags for this post? You’d have to guess at the tags the blogger used. Searching for subject matter by tags can be challenging because something has to be tagged by the author. Just because you want to see all the images from the site does not mean the author will remember to put the term “images” in the section for tags. As it is, if you want to see a certain subject but the author did not use that word as a tag, searching using tags will be hit or miss., if you have to guess at the tags the blogger might have used. What if you know the most popular tags? This info is available to the site administrator, Caroleena. Caroleena shares the restricted list of most commonly used tags with you Right here!

These tags are guaranteed to lead you to lots of content. Indeed, there are almost 3000 posts about Red Light Life in Hawaii, or Hawaii Street Life. The site title has changed since 2017 but all else is the same for expertescort2018.com (the basic address). Purpose is unchanged: using autobio, interviews and video to show the human side of Hawaii addiction on the streets. has not: .


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This list is for administrators but I wsnt you yo have it. Let’s review how we access tags Type main site address expertescort2018.com and add /tag/your-choice/ to the end of address:

This is the pic that will appear if you type the link in your message app, and ”sex” is your tag. If you message the link to someone heres the pic they get.

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