All Time Stats as of Christmas Day 2021

In 2017 I began writing about my transition from Harvard elite to a nameless woman with several addictions, hustling in socially unacceptable and illegal ways on the streets of downtown Honolulu. I found out what it was like to lose everything, Repeatedly. People were fascinated with my wealth of stories that have wit and snd wisdom applicable to the everyday lives of normal people. These normal people asked “how did you go from Harvard to homeless” and “how can I help my drug addicted daughter,” and “”what kind of guys hire women off the street for intimacy especially when the women are really men” and “what kind of letters should I write to my husband who is in prison?” I have answers to questions ordinary people do not want their co-workers and friends to know they ask. In the privacy of the blog people can learn about the experience of addiction in this tropical paradise, fascinating and relevant knowledge omitted from tourism brochures.

I use the language of the upper class to tell the story of the outcasts. My subject matter is for mature audiences but my posts are never sexually explicit or vulgar. I experimented with several different site titles when I learned the hard way that certain words will automatically get a site permanently banned from mainstream communications like Facebook. I have settled on Hawaii Street Life, but I have also used IvyleagueXstreetwalkr, Red Light Hawaii, to name a few. The text of the site address has always been the same since 2017:

People told me I should write a book. A blog was the immediate solution. I wondered who would find my work. I figured two people–me as the author and me as the person with the email

As you can see from the point in time snapshot of all-time stats I have been blessed with enormous success. Sure, my numbers are modest compared to others but they beat two readers, snd they are mine! Thank you for sharing your life with me here. I am honored by your gift of time. If you’d like to donate a dollar I would be overjoyed. Merry Christmas!

Caroleena, Christmas 2021, Honolulu Hawaii, 6:30 p.m. HST

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