You know you’ve made progress when…

When people are amazed to see you doing something that has become commonplace for you, you know you’ve come a long way. The astounded looks on the faces of acquaintances when they see me drive by would be comical except it’s so true. It IS amazing that I conquered my fear of driving, paid any fines, was stable enough to have a legal car including safety check, registration, and insurance. A valid license. Any one of these things is amazing for someone once on the streets of Honolulu. Now, I drive by police cars with confidence, knowing that even if I made a mistake, I am legally covered. It feels so good not to have any secrets to conceal from authorities. I had forgotten what it was like to have the privileges that come from doing what’s right, even when it’s expensive and there are more fun ways to spend the money. I like this. I have come a long way indeed.

2 responses to “You know you’ve made progress when…”

    • My car is insured. Although I did meet someone who said he knew how to fake records to make it look like you’re insured even when you’re not. My insurance is expensive, I am told it’s bc I font have a driving history. But it’s worth it to me!


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