Handling COVID Exposure, Honolulu January 2022

A Friend in Need stop by after her doctors appointment this morning

“I just want to hug you,” she said, “I feel so bad!“ That’s what she told me after discovering she had Covid during her doctor’s appointment this morning.

I declined the hug of course. And I sympathize with her. But when I thought about it I really was not worried because of two things number one I felt fine and number two I have been vaccinated. I have been skeptical about the vaccination, yes it is true. The reason I did get vaccinated is because I want it to be able to provide data for the scientists in order for them to learn from this process. If I did not get vaccinated it was like saying someone else could take the risk and if they were OK then I would go ahead and put myself at risk. I did not like with that thought process it about me. So out of a sense of obligation, happy obligation, I received both shots. I am glad I did. InReceived an unexpected gift for my own health. Here’s the real and unedited text I sent to a senior citizen I wanted to keep as safe as possible:

Text about Covid exposure plans

I have a friend I’m asking to slip me an envelope under the door. 10 day’s spending money. Lucky for me he is there. Maybe karma is real because I was helping out this friend by taking her around because she has serious kidney disease from her life being out there on the street, and now when I need to quarantine I have someone there for me. I guess that is no accident, on a spiritual level. And lucky I did the vaccine. I really think that’s why I’m fine now, or I should more accurately say that’s why I feel fine now, because we all know it’s possible to be asymptomatic and still contagious. I know you are a skeptic but I would employ you to think about it. Yes I am sure you are right that there are conspiracies in the world. I don’t know if Bill Gates is really a child predator. I don’t know if there are ancient people called that came to earth as an alien race, who we are all descended from. or something like that. But I do know that I have been exposed to a virus and I am feeling all right. I know someone who did not get the shot because of his time in the military and what he learned during that time. There are so many former military people in Hawaii, and they never give any details about what they did or what they learned, but whatever it is he saw convinced him not to get the government vaccination. I’m told that he is so sick and weak with Covid that he can hardly open the door. As for me I am going to get the booster and I’m going to get tested to see if I have the virus. I will find out if I have to wait to get the booster depending on my viral status or whatever, but I am definitely going to continue down the present path that has kept me healthy. Healthy and a part of society.

From the depths of my unqualified-to-have-an-expert-opinion-heart, I urge you to get vaccinated. The friend I sent the text to, he relies on the spiritual theory programs on YouTube for his information. I do a lot of research on YouTube and I find it to be invaluable. I am sure that there are many conspiracies. But that does not invalidate my own experience with reality and my own experience tells me, to tell him, to think it over. After all, aren’t we all thrilled not to have to worry about small talk anymore? And that’s all through vaccination. Or so I think. Lol. But you get the point: think it over, you unvaccinated!

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