I am continually harassed at my residence of 7 years. I have a car snd it’s 100percent legal. I am a licensed driver in good standing. Yet the office refused to issue me a parking permit like every other resident with a car. When people at the residence ask why the office is doing this I tell them that according to rumor they don’t like black people. The answer to my allegation: you’re not really black. At least no one lies by saying there is no racism. Besides, I AM black and even if I weren’t I believe no one is free unless we are all free. I would fight the absurdity the picture only partially conveys. Note: check the dates on both papers.

A friend of mine just moved in. She has end stage renal failure and got confused about what unit number I am in. When she looked for me neighbors told her “no black girl has ever lived here.” Finally a neighbor, B.B., was kind enough to show her to my door before she collapsed. You guessed it, she too, is black. I get angry when my enemies pick on me, but to bully an ailing woman does two things to me my enemies should not do. It infuriates and motivates me.

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