“Racism Negates Aloha in Hawaii,” got 1000’s of TikTok Views!

First TikTok Video I’ve ever done illustrates the challenges society places in front of those with a checkered past trying to do better. I was responsible with my stimulus money. I saved. I got much needed dental treatment. I bought a car. But management where ai live would rather give two parking stalls to people who look more like them than I do, while I get no stall. There are empty spaces yet I am on a “waiting list .” Management issued me the first ever temporary parking pass but without specifying where I can park the same issuing authority can say I am in violation by being in a stall not assigned to me. And that’s exactly what management did, as you can see when you look at the bright green sticker on my car—the obnoxious sticker that has an image of a cheery tow truck in it’s heading. I did the only thing I could do which was call The police to complain to Honolulu Police Department that I was about to be towed without authorization. The only reason the manager was willing to talk to me it was because I was standing with an officer. And in the presence of that officer the manager grudgingly agreed to allow me to park in the city and county parking stalls. Keep in mind that there’s a sign by the city and county parking stalls that says you will be towed if you park here. And also the place where I was happily parking is tenant parking, and I have been a tenant for seven years. So you would think I would get tenant parking but I do not get to the parking because to them I don’t rate as a tenant. The only thing I really regret is that I showed that I was angry.

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