Internet Presence—Don’t Make assumptions!

“Aren’t you a hooker? You’re all over the place.” This was the comment from someone who contacted me with an obscene request. He was angry. He was abusive. He used the obvious fact that there are prettier women than me, as an excuse to indulge in the pleasure of cruelty. But mean guys are, well…normal guys.

The internet is full of, for the most part, ordinary people, with a twist

I can expect that kind of thing, mean words, irate men looking to hurt someone because the anonymity of the internet allows people to be themselves. The Bible says it best when it states, “in this flesh dwells no good thing.” Totally normal, that guy. I wonder if he knows how typical he is? I doubt he would care. He would Probably say that that’s how people treat me because anybody can see what I deserve.

The unexpected consequence of posting anything online, anywhere

I get most of my readers, thousands in fact, from an advertising site. I post links to my writing and amazingly, people read what I post. I couldn’t be more surprised. You wouldn’t think guys looking for providers would read. Anything. I am uniquely position to see how people really are when they do not have to care what the other person, that is to say, me, cares or thinks. That’s why I know that the stereotype about guys who go on those sites is not true. The guys who go on those sites are regular guys. But here’s what I want you to know. When the guy said you’re all over the place I know he is referring to the fact that my information is spread out all over the Internet and attached to all kinds of dating sites that I have never even heard of. In fact I bet a lot of people on those so-called dating sites don’t even know that they are pictures are on there. Always remember that there are people who are intentionally trying to con you by posting on the sites. And there are people who do not even know that they are posted on those sites. So be very careful about thinking something is true just because it is online. Remember because some thing appears online does not make it an absolute fact.

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