This is a great post about a discussion site that featured the comments men make about the adult services providers they see. The Honolulu thread and its off shoots is quite robust due to the passionate real time dialogue of the guys who know the providers. In one case, a guy became obsessed with a provider snd created on screen name that published her contact info snd nice remarks about the woman. His other screen name was consumed with hatred for her and he trashed her every chance he got. She was very frustrated bc she did not guess that a client who was sort-of a friend was behind The vicious insults until she saw something in writing in the exact same words that he used to say to her in person. When she figured out it was this old timer she was stunned and refused to see him again even though he actually confronted her in a public park in front of a lot of street people who thought the whole thing was very amusing, and even followed her in his car but she refused to get in. After years of knowing him she was surprised at the extent of the betrayal she felt because he lied to her and was so mean to her behind her back and yet so nice to her to her face, well one of his personalities was mean to her behind her back, and the other online personality was really very complimentary. As for him confronting her in public, that just has not ever been done before or since. In her experience clients want to draw absolutely no attention to themselves at all, whatsoever, under any circumstance. So this unusual confrontation was quite surprising treat, and very entertaining for the observers. They were not shocked because they were far too jaded; they just saw this guy as someone who was sprung: it happens from time to time although everyone knows it’s not safe for anyone involved especially the woman. To access the article, highlight the title snd copy it into the browser then use a comma snd type in the name of this site,

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